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We are very excited to announce that we will be launching a brand new website in February 2017.

The new site will offer more information, more functionality and be easier to navigate.

A big thank you to Alan Neary at Kiswebs Design for making it possible for us!

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Lintel Trust is an unendowed charitable Trust (Scottish Charity Number SC006002) which supports housing and community-related projects in Scotland.  We would not be able to undertake the work we do in Scotland's most deprived communities without donations.  Please donate using the buttons below:

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*this Programme is open to all Scottish housing associations and co-operatives and businesses related to them.   

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Lintel Trust

Supporting People who experience disadvantage in social housing

From its early days, Lintel has sought to address issues of disadvantage in social housing.

Our emphasis has been to support projects that help those recognised as being most disadvantaged in social housing today, including:

  • improved opportunities for homeless people with a particular focus on single homeless people
  • provision of services for older people to enable them to continue living at home
  • improved opportunites for people with disabilities to participate and receive support to live independantly and engage fully in community life
  • digital inclusion and access to online services for older people
  • improved opportunities for ethnic minority groups to participate and receive the support they need to engage fully in community life   
  • support for Scottish social enterprises working with a housing association of its subsidiaries

We do this by taking the donations we receive, whether from other charitable Trusts, commercial companies or from individuals and making these into a series of grants (or sometimes small scale loans) to projects working with disadvantaged groups across Scotland.

This can include housing associations and co-operatives, as well as local projects.

National projects will be considered as long as the work they do is evident in Scotland.

Applicants do not  necessarily have to be registered charities but they should have charitable aims.

Lintel's Social Enterprise Programme

Lintel Trust has a Social Enterprise Programme mainly funded by the Wates Family Enterprise Trust.  This Programme is now open to eligible applicants*.  To find out more, please contact Kate Christie on enquires@linteltrust.org.uk

*this Programme is open to all Scottish housing associations and co-operatives and businesses related to them.   


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